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- Digital signal output

Digital UV Sensor
Image Type Package Type Part Number Chip Size Spec.Sheet
Low-cost COB
2.0 × 2.3㎟
GUVA-C32SM 0.0162 mm²
High Precision COB
2.0 × 2.3㎟
GUVB-C31SM 0.0162 mm²
  - Integrated GaN Sensors for UVA/UVB in a single package
  - UV index measurement supported(1…>14)
  - Programmable Gain and Integration time
  - I2C slave interface up to 400KHz
  - Power management modes
  - Shutdown current : 0.8uA typical
  - Supply voltage of 2.6V to 3.6V
  - 2.0mm×2.3mm×1.4mm 4-pin COB package
  - Smartphone, Watch, Weather station
    Bicycle Navigation, Gaming, Accessary