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UV-A Sensor(~370nm)
Image Package Type Part Number Chip Size Spec.Sheet
COB 2418 PKG GUVA-C22SD 0.076mm²
SMD 3528 PKG GUVA-S12SD 0.076mm²
SMD 3535 PKG GUVA-S12GD 0.4mm
TO 46 PKG GUVA-T11GD 0.076mm²
GUVA-T13GD 0.4mm
GUVA-T31GD 0.4mm
GUVA-T11GD-L 1.536 mm²
TO 39 PKG GUVA-T21GD-U 6.894 mm²
TO 5 PKG GUVA-T21GH 0.076mm²
 Report of Signal conditioning for a UV Sensor
  - Gallium Nitride Based Material
  - Schottky-type Photodiode
  - Photovoltaic Mode Operation
  - Good Visible Blindness
  - High Responsivity & Low Dark Current
  - UV curing
  - UV sterilization
  - UV spectroscopy
  - UV Index monitoring
  - UV-A lamp/LED monitoring