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Fundamental Philosophy
We proclaim and implement the following code of conduct in order to construct the safe and pleasant working environment and fulfill the non-injury safety and Health management for corporate social responsibility and worker’s healthy life.

Code of Conduct
  • Safety and Health in all kinds of operation and management is acknowledged and implemented as one of our business priority to prevent safety and health accidents
  • The corporate legal stability is secured by complying with the law and regulation of Safety and health.
  • Riskiness that can happen in our business plan and manufacturing activity is predicted in advance and controlled under the acceptable level. Preventive activities related to Safety and Health are continually conducted.
  • Safety and Heath objectives and execution plans are established and regularly checked in terms of implementation status so that we strengthen and develop the Safety and Health system.
  • To achieve Safety and Health policy and objectives, we implement the systematic training for all employees.
  • Safe and pleasant working environment is established by implementation and improvement of the regular safety inspection for hazardous and dangerous facilities, the employee medical examination and the working environment measurement regarding working process and harmful
  • The transparency in Safety and health management is secured by providing necessary information and opinion acceptance with the construction of the worker and interested party communication system
  • In order to maintain and implement this safety and health policy, all executives and staff members should be fully aware of it and apply risk reduction and manufacturing development techniques so that we actively participate and concentrate effort on safety and Health management activity.

Genicom Co., Ltd.
CEO John Son