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Fundamental Philosophy
For construction of safe working environment, respect of all workers and promotion of environmental and ethical corporate operation, we proclaim to comply with the GCP code of conduct and the law of Labor and Ethics. In addition, we implement the social and environmental responsibility and business ethics, conforming to the internationally acknowledged regulation.

Code of Conduct

  • We ensure freely chosen employment for all employees
  • We employ no young workers under the age of and use no child labor
  • We agree with working hours required by the law
  • We comply with and fulfill all labor laws including employee wages and benefits
  • We carry out no inhuman act such as physical or sexual harassment and abuse
  • We treat all employees without any unreasonable discrimination
  • We ensure freedom of association and joining a labor organization for all employees

  • We comply with business probity and integrity
  • We prohibit improper advantage and bribery
  • We open to the public our information regarding business activities
  • We protect intellectual property rights
  • We comply with the regulation of fair business, advertising and competition
  • We retain the program to ensure protection of identity and confidential information
  • We purchase no minerals produced in conflict areas
  • We protect the information regarding business management and all personnel in a reasonable level
  • We protect human rights and conduct no retaliatory treatment

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