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Environment policy
Our company will make all our efforts in order to preserve and enhance global environment by pursuing [Harmony between global environment and corporate activity] so that only one globe can be led(succeeded) to next generation in a healthy environmental condition under our recognition that proper response to environmental preservation is an important management task.

Code of Conduct
  • We will reduce environmental load in all our business activity considering reduction of resources and energy according to product life cycle
  • We will prevent environmental risk that leads to pollution of natural environment and health damage caused by harmful chemical substances or wastes.
  • We will exert positive effort to preserve environment by enacting independent standard as required, not to mention observing the requirements of environmental restrictions at home and abroad and those agreed by out company.
  • We will pursue sustained improvement of environment management system as well as implementation of information disclosure and feedback in recognition of environmental effect by our business activity, product and service.
  • All the employees shall exert their respective efforts for improving environment as responsible members of society when performing their duties.
  • We will accomplish environmental policy by setting environmental goal and regularly performing review on environment management for its implementation condition
  • We will secure transparency of environment management activity by disclosing environment policy to the stakeholders(people concerned) as well as making it known to them