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Corporate Vision
Technology Leadership
Our company has adopted technological development as one of the most important guidelines of its management since its foundation. It aims to make great strides with the development and the accumulation of new technologies as its driving force.
The Art of Manufacturing
We aim to be the most excellent manufacturing company in the world by concentrating our wisdom and ideas towards the manufacturing site where profits are generated for the enterprise.
Long Term Vision
We aim for unlimited progress, while retaining enthusiasm for sustained creation and development in the field of electronics, which is advancing at a very quick pace.
Global Outlook
We promote business by meeting globally diversifying needs, while bearing in mind coexistence and coprosperity in the international society as an international corporation.
Responsibility to Individual
Society and enterprises are comprised of groups of people that cannot coexist without good human relations. We will promote business through management plans based on a people-friendly approach.

The Genicom Group has been developing and producing superior products to become a business partner trusted by customers all over the world. Electronic equipment and semiconductor technologies are continuing to progress rapidly and we are always expected to meet such demands.

By practicing the corporate vision, we strive to work in harmony with all stakeholders including customers, business partners, shareholders, the local community and employees. Our aim is to enrich the lives of people all over the world and contribute to the development of society through manufacturing.

Founder’s Philosophy
Innovation by manufacturing site
We believe the basis of our business and the solution to all problems are at the manufacturing site. Each individual fills a leading role, works spontaneously and improves things continuously in order for the manufacturing site to innovate as the source of the profits.
Responsibility to Individual
We strive to live in harmony with the local community and environment, use resources wisely, and improve each employee's well being by working and caring for each other. We encourage responsibility for all individuals, the use of limited natural resources and the global environment while remembering our appreciation.
"We Walk Path Together"
We have been sponsoring the annual UNICEF, Good Neighbors, CLC Hope School.